A Clean Food – Chicken Chili

Yummy Chili Goodness!

Clean food is the idea (movement) that food should have the least amount of fat and calories possible. It’s simple and clean cooking. Of course simple and plain does mean your food has to taste quick and easy.

One of my favorite big dish cooking projects is what I like to call Chicken Chili. It’s not actually chili, which would have ground beef or at least ground chicken but it does carry the same concept.

The recipe for this is simple and rather inexpensive. Take a pack of boneless chicken breast meat or boneless thighs, and boil them for about 10-15 minutes. Be sure not to overcook them and even undercooking them is fine as they will be cooked again. The next ingredient is brown rice, save the water from the boiled chicken (now you have chicken broth) and use it to cook the rice. A good ratio is 1 or 1 ½ cups.  Next I add diced tomatoes, canned spinach, and Chickpeas.

After that put the rice in, followed by the (cut up) chicken and add the rest of the ingredients. From the spice rack I put in chili powder, cumin, curry, and chopped garlic. Then simmer, the longer the simmer the better the flavors get integrated.

This typically makes about 4 good size servings which could come out to be about $3-4 per meal… Enjoy!


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