La Bamba II Mexican Spanish Food

Well it’s a friend’s birthday party, and these particular friends, friends of my fiancé actually, and thus by extension me, live way out west. I’m talking that if you went just a few miles west you could see cows and such, or at least the marsh that passes for a state park.

Some 40 minutes later we arrived at La Bamba II Mexican Spanish Food, located at 5452 W. Sample Road in Margate. (Previously known as cow land.) Now, ironically cows are eaten here. The cycle of life continues.

The restaurant itself is a large “Latin” style restaurant featuring Mexican and Spanish style food. More about that in a few. The drinks here, in the small bar pictured were good and reasonably quick. We went on a Saturday evening and though the bar and the restaurant itself was packed, the service was excellent.

So excellent, that they accommodated a birthday party of 30 with just ½ hour notice. I’ve worked in restaurants large and small, and that is no easy task. The waiters gave us plenty of time and explained everything. I would even have to apologize as some in our party were a bit rude to them, demanding to know where their food was, when it was just about to be served. A large party is no easy task. So indeed the service here was top notch.

The Food however, and I do understand it was a quick notice party, was a bit understated. While my dish of chicken fajitas was done very well, a few of our party noticed some of their dishes were a bit dry or otherwise a bit overcooked or at least under the hot lights for little too long. I think however in a smaller party everything would have come in at the correct time in the correct way. If I find my way back out in the hinterlands I might just return.

Close by the restaurant is Coconut Casino. As a place for a good after party, it did not fail to entertain us. Laura and I lost just a little bit in the casino, but had a great time the bar/club in the back of the casino. I’m a much bigger fan of the Hard Rock, but I would come back here anytime. In fact next time one of my ‘out west’ friends wants a birthday party I would suggest going here instead.


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