The Age of Cheap Sushi…

So in a departure from the ordinary, I decided to talk a “long walk” and by long walk I simply mean a long walk, in this case according to our friends at google about 4.5 miles.  Now Broward can be a fun place at times, but it would be hard to find a place where you could still be urban and still be walking.

And that brings me to South Beach. South Beach is an ideal place to walk, and walk and walk. Oh, and watch all the other walkers and bikers and such. And that brings me to tourist central better known as Lincoln Road. Aside from the beach this is what South Beach is all about, exclusive dining, small boutique shops and people watching.

Naturally walking all around town one develops an appetite, but living the life of a poor but humble blogger, I decided to go off the beaten path (away from the tourists) and spend a little less for lunch.

All over South Florida the era of cheap sushi has arrived. Maybe it’s like the MacDonald’s of sushi but small little “hole in the wall’ places are seeming to pop up everywhere. And that’s a very good thing for those of us who are tight on our budgets or our time.

Less than a block south of Lincoln Road is a small sushi place whose name is perhaps Fuji Sushi. It’s not much on the eyes but it is good on taste. Very good in fact for its looks. For just a little more than $6 I have the plate here which is quite filling and as fresh as any higher end sushi place. There is a time for sushi socializing but my walk is calling me.

The next time you’re in South Beach just to be there and not for the party, stop in here and save the $$$ you would have spent so that next time you’ll have an even better time. Welcome to the age of cheap sushi!

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