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I love my future wife 100% but she does not like to eat any 4 legged animals. So, out of respect I don’t eat any of that around her. Tonight however she is out and it’s time for Steak.  A steak dinner in a nice restaurant could set you back $20-$30 or more, but cooking it at home is not only more relaxing, it’s a lot cheaper.
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Sure you could and should go out, but when it’s just you, you could do it better on your own. My steak recipe is rather simple and can be summed up on in just one word… “Broiler.” OK, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

You need a few ingredients to make it extra special, my go-to add on’s for steak would include an onion (yellow), a small can of mushrooms, and a small can of carrots. Then there is the steak itself, a T-Bone or a NY Strip Steak are my best recommendations for you.

While your oven is reaching operational temperature, make sure you have your top shelf about 5 inches away from the burning element (being that you are broiling the top element will be lit), and then the bottom one should be 5 inches below that. Yes there is a reason for this. What I do is “sear” it, not actually but it works the same way, by getting the outside very slightly charred (time about 12 mins or so) then I transfer the steak to the lower level to finish the cooking process (time about 12-15 mins or so).

Preparation is easy… at the bottom of the baking dish pour about 2 spoons of oil, and shake pepper on top of the oil, then put the steak on top, make sure it gets covered by the oil and pepper, and then reverse on the other side. You could also add a touch of cyan or other red spice to perk it up. But don’t go overboard. Steak should taste good on its own without extra spices.

i cut up one whole onion into 8 pieces, and drop the carrots and mushrooms. You want to situate those on the sides of the steak, not on top. Try not to use Salt as that will dry out the steak, you can add salt after you are done or even better try putting on some garlic. You could also add brown rice, they have easy packs that you can put in the microwave for just under a minute. If you’re more traditional try some baked potatoes.

Since each oven is slightly different you will have to learn your times, so you can pick your degree of rare to well done. Enjoy! And yes it will look like that!

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