Family Night at DiSalvo’s

Located at Emerald Woods Plaza, DiSalvo’s is a mix of the simple and ordinary that makes for a ‘just right’ experience. They are the classic neighborhood Italian style restaurant. And they indeed are ‘just right’ for this neighborhood. 

Going with my ‘family’, which includes my fiancé and our neighbor, our night is to consist of pizza and Buffalo wings. Well actually that is pizza for the two girls and just a slice for me along with the bulk of the Buffalo wings.

The pizza gets close to real New York Pizza – yes I know, a snobbish remark, but when it’s done right almost all the time you have to ‘recognize’ – and the two girls are in love with it. The taste is good, slightly salty with an even texture. Warm and gooey cheese delights. The bread on the bottom is a little softer than I am used too, but good nonetheless. All and all this is a good pizza.

The Buffalo wings complete the meal with thicker than normal pieces and just the right amount of oils and sauce. I look forward to returning and trying out some of the more traditional dishes, like Stromboli’s or calzones. 

Since they deliver they are located at your house, or you can drive on over to their location at 4190 North 46th Avenue in Hollywood, Florida.

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