Schnitzel Haus

In the deep snow covered mountains of North Miami, there is a small German outpost that brings a culture from another continent to our fair metropolis. I would have never heard of such a place even though it seems like the restaurant and pils bar has been here since, well it’s certainly been here a long time.

So I am thinking that this will be Sausages and bratwurst and strudel, and indeed it is all that and a bit more. While Germany is known for its beer and the glorious consumption of it, its old world wines actually are some of the finest available. To my surprise the Schnitzel is not in any kind of sausage or sausage looking product, mine was simply breaded chicken and potatoes and a side sauce.
Though I will choose another product next time I come here, I would highly recommend trying out this very different food. One of our party did have the sausage type products and he seemed very happy.

The beers here seem incredible. Though beer was not invented in Germany, it might as well be. Actually, beer dates back some 5000+ years but never mind actual history. The Germans simply do beer right and I am sad to say, or perhaps happy to say that the rest of the world needs to follow them much more closely. The beer selection here is simply incredible and diverse. The wine selection comes in a close second. Though I am more a fan of Bordeaux I still would add a few of their bottles to my future wine cellar.

This German embassy is located on the 79th street Causeway in North Miami.


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