Yellow Green Farmers Market

File this under “who knew?” … The last place that anyone would think of for a huge warehouse that was turned into a farmers market would be in a mid-level suburban area of Hollywood, but here it is. This HUGE, and yes I do mean huge, farmers market is practically hidden in the depths of suburbia but it’s actually quite easy to find and well worth it.

There is a collection of artisan cheese, olive, vegetable, seafood, and other food vendors, as well as stalls full of already cooked goods, and gifts. This actually comes close to many of the markets of larger cities and with just a few more people could equal them. It reminds me of the (much) larger market located in Washington DC. Just like that one, the Yellow Green Farmers Market. It was a delight to wonder thru on Sunday mornings, exploring all sorts of new food and ideas for cooking improvement. Snow or sun, I found myself there quite often.

Those days are long over but now, without snow, they have returned with this one magical place. It’s also open year around and it’s under shade. Not only that you can stop by and have an adult beverage and enjoy a nice brunch before you gather up your weekly groceries. I did not plan on getting anything here but my cooking needs came out and with a fresh spice booth, I was forced to get more rosemary and tomato flakes. Moving further up the isles I spot an olive vendor with fresh Kalamata olives that have my name on them. I’m looking forward to returning for a mimosa and breakfast and more spices.

They are open from early in the morning until 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. You have to go and experience the smells and the excitement. Even if you don’t purchase anything, it’s a great way to spend a few hours. Parking is plentiful and free. 

The market is located at 1940 North 30throad in Hollywood Florida 33021.

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