Siam Rice Thai & Tapas

Two Dos Equis begin our evening

So, what do the good people of the world do in celebration of Cinco de Mayo (Mexican Independence Day)? Well, mostly we gringos go and drink ourselves to oblivion, while the Mexicans who should be celebrating are busy serving us. I’m hoping that inside Mexico itself there are more festive times. 

Now that the commentary is out of the way. Laura and I decide that it’s our civic duty as ‘mericans’ to celebrate the independence of the neighbors just south west of us. Cuba is actually just south of us to be exact. 

Pad Thai with Chicken
A few months ago we had a very romantic evening at PatronAzteca Mexican Restaurant (click for the link). And as the only Mexican restaurant in the immediate area it would seem the most logical location for our holiday celebration. It would seem that way… until we actually arrive there to the standing room only crowd. So our celebration would have start someplace else. And that leads us to Siam Rice Thai & Tapas. It’s just across the parking lot from Patron Azteca.

Siam Rice Noodles
In keeping with the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, and lacking Tequila, we start the night off with two Dos Equis. Despite the successful advertising campaign, it’s still not a mainstream beer. Its medium body works well with the Thai food that we thoroughly enjoyed.

The food here is fresh, colorful, and true to taste. It’s not ‘fusion’ or some nonsense like that, it’s real Thai food. I had the Siam Rice noodles, which for the initiated are like very thin spaghetti noodles, but they are made from rice, as opposed to pasta. This was a delicious dish, and surprisingly rather mild. I usually associate Thai food with spiciness, but not here. Laura had the more traditional Pad thai, which is noodles with tofu (or chicken, beef or whatever) and mixed vegetables, covered with peanuts.

The service was quick and easy and quite delightful. Perhaps because of the holiday it was a slower night, but not for us. When you want a change in flavors you should come down here. They are located at 5071 Sheridan St., Hollywood FL 33021

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