Sake Thai & Sushi Bar

edd51d98-6351-4930-a579-a0bf27ad9c7cClose to the neighborhood of Emerald Hills in Hollywood, Florida on Sheridan Street, you’ll find the Sake Thai & Sushi Bar.

With great appetizers and even better entrees, this restaurant is the one to go to when you and your dinner companions are unsure if you want sushi or Thai food, or better yet – Both!

With an extensive menu which offers authentic and traditional Thai dishes as well as modern sushi offerings, it might take you more than a few minutes to decide.

But know that you’ll always have something great to eat here.

a4642ca9-030a-47b4-b25f-fa841c4db142My wife and I, as well as a friend, were able to sample the chicken fried rice, which was elegantly simple, the garlic chicken, which featured chicken over steamed vegetables with mild hints of garlic, and tuna and JB rolls which tasted and looked outstanding.

The staff here is more than attentive and was able to remember our friend’s favorite type of wine. It’s the little details that turn regular service into great service. The larger restaurant is great for parties, in fact, I did have a birthday party here just a few years ago, and everything went perfectly, and on the night of our visit, there was another birthday party.

The servers are particularly impressive.

434f70f5-cd7d-466c-bcb3-5db85a988c82While their large bar area is nice because it is always fun to see sushi chefs in action, I would recommend a table for you and several friends. While I have yet to experience it, stop in for their lunch specials.

Location: 4401 Sheridan Street Hollywood, Florida 33021

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