Hurricane French Toast

Two days before…

We’re in the middle of a Hurricane Irma (HurricaneIrma) and with mother nature throwing her worst at Florida and Cuba, we’ve become refugees as we flee to higher ground.

During a hurricane you can expect the power to go out, thus routine cooking becomes impossible unless you have a gas stove and the refrigerator will no longer keep food cold, so your food supply will go bad.

Nevertheless,  people always seem to purchase eggs, milk, and bread whenever a hurricane and/or a snowstorm hits the news. The question is what easy things can you make with all those ingredients? The answer is “hurricane” french toast.

And it’s so simple to make…

Hurricane French Toast

To start you’ll need one egg per slice of bread. Get a large bowl and stir the eggs completely adding just a tiny bit of milk, and the secret ingredient of vanilla. Use just a tiny bit of vanilla as well. Soak the bread on both sides in that mixture, and then use real butter in a large enough pan. Brown (or lightly brown) each side and you are done. So easy even I could do it.

img_5995Take the remainder of your eggs and boil them, when the power goes out, and it most certainly will, you’ll have a great long lasting source of protein. Also, we’ve been told to have a lot of water to drink, but who needs water when you have extra Diet Coke!

Update – Although we are out of the cone of doom, we expect hurricane force winds to attack our home. Good luck to all of our friends in Florida!

img_6001Just for your viewing pleasure, here is what the water isle looks like a few days before the storm. Doesn’t anyone keep extra supplies at home anymore?


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