Kale Cranberry Pecan Artichoke Salmon Salad

Kale and artichokes saladIt’s Monday and that means its time for a healthy meal to make up all the indulgences of the weekend.

So, to start this week off right, we are going to “eat clean.” One could even say “paleo” but I don’t know if I’ll go that far.

In any case, we are saving money by eating in, and this meal runs just $10 for both me and my wife combined. I got everything at our local Walmart, including the Kale, Cranberry and Pecan Salad mix at around $3 as well as a generous portion of salmon which ran about $6.

Yes, healthy can be cheap!

We already had the feta cheese and Kalamata olives. To add just a little bit more variety, I added my wife’s favorite vegetable, artichokes.

Kale Salad with SalmonThis obviously is not a complicated dish. Just pour the salad mix, adding in the cranberries and Pecans that come with it. Next, put on the artichokes, quartered hearts work best, although cutting them up into smaller pieces could work even better. Finally, I added the poached salmon. Our meal couldn’t get any healthier or cleaner. For salad dressing we used a raspberry vinaigrette, low in fat and cholesterol.

So, some people have meatless Mondays, and we have healthy Mondays… now, where are those cookies?



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