Cauliflower Fried Rice

lrg_dsc09655Ok most of us love fried rice, beef fried rice, chicken fried rice, shrimp fried rice and so on. But how healthy is it? We all know it’s not healthy at all.

But what if there was an alternative that could give you the same flavor and texture while actually being good for you?

There is a healthy alternative!

lrg_dsc09656Green Giant, as well as a few other companies, offer what is called “riced veggies.” Made of cauliflower, the riced veggies has (almost) the same consistency as rice, but with 85% fewer calories and only 5 grams of carbs. This is a paleo dream come true, and those who are trying to lose weight while still eating real food can enjoy this.

This delicious meal is easy to make, use fresh shrimp and season to taste, (actually my shrimp was leftover) and then add in the cauliflower “rice”, cook for a few more minutes and you are done.

Right now in the holiday season, we tend to eat far more than we need, this is your opportunity to save a little here and there so you can splurge on the endless amount of cookies being offered around this time of year. Or better yet, keep tight on your diet!



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