Mare Mio Restaurant

It’s the middle of one of the most massive tourist seasons here in South Florida, and we are on the parking lot better known as I-95 thinking about where to take our relatives from the UK.

lrg_dsc02211They mention Lincoln Road, which on many days is a wonderful place to go. With so many shops and restaurants, it’s a ‘Disney World’ for tourists. But it will be more like ‘West World” if we go tonight. So in search of somewhat quieter dining options, we settle on Española Way. The 3 block pedestrian-only street is located just a few blocks south of Lincoln Road and offers us vintage Miami Charm with slightly fewer crowds. Thus the decision is made.

At first glance this area too is very crowded, but as you walk further in, as if by magic a few empty tables appear, and then even a few more. As we haven’t seen these cousins – well, we actually have never met them before – they live in the UK, we wanted to be able to talk to them. Yes, conversations at dinner time.

lrg_dsc02219It doesn’t take us long to find Mare Mio, a restaurant tucked away in a quiet corner of Española Way. Though it may have been hard to find, I think we have struck gold. 

Mare Mio features an Italian themed menu which I promise will delight. The staff is exceptionally well familiar with the food and made excellent suggestions. 

lrg_dsc02215We started off with several appetizers including ceviche and a shrimp cocktail dish and then graduated to our dinner of linguine with mussels and linguine with clams. The mussels marinara was prepared “al-dente” with a nice firm texture, and the mussels were cooked to perfection. The linguini with clams had just enough garlic to bring out the flavour without being too overpowering as is so often the case. Even though we are brand new to our cousins, we all shared together, as any family would. 

lrg_dsc02214Mare Mio offered us everything we wanted in our reunion meal, fantastic food and wine, great service and a quiet enough location so we could have the most important ingredient in any meal – conversation.

Location: 447 Española Way, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone:  (305) 397-8950


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