New Sony α6400 Introduced

sonya5000As many of you know I use various film cameras and my SonyA5000 as my main – and only – digital camera for this blog and my Instagram. Which of course you should really visit.

I love my Sony camera and over the past few years, I have gotten to know it much better. I’m hoping to get a few more lenses to take the camera to be all it can be. So needless to say I am invested in the Sony Alpha camera system. 

My camera is the Sony α5000 which is the lowest in the line, but it works perfectly for my needs. If I were to recommend a new Sony A-series to a new photographer just getting into mirrorless it would be the 4-year-old Sony α6000. It’s compact, has the minimum features that you would need, plus much more. Stepping up in the game you have the 6300 and then the 6500.

sonya5000-2.gifThe Sony α6400 effectively is replacing the 6300. In its press release, Sony claims that it has a touch screen that can be moved around for ‘selfies’ and video blogging, an eye and movement tracking system for an exact focus of rapidly moving people and objects, and a much higher ISO range than the 6300. It comes with a higher price tag too.

What’s missing is the 5-axis stabilization available in the Sony α6500. Having that stabilization can allow you to take shots in much darker conditions. Something a foodie like me would really appreciate. So is it worth it?

If I was in the market I might not go for it. Yes, I do love the increased ISO range but I can shoot photos without a camera tracking my subject – that’s my job after all. Additionally, with rumours of a new Sony α7000, I’d still wait. At least for the prices to fall just a little bit. Of course, if Sony wanted to ‘lend me’ one…

*images used in this article are from the Sony website – I’m low budget here.

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