New iPad Mini and the 10.5-inch iPad

i-pad-4-upThe Apple Fan Boy (and girl) rumor mill is working overtime and we can now (almost) be sure that two “new” iPads are coming out.

The first is the new mini iPad. The current mini iPad priced at $399 featuring 128GB of memory is old. Like 2015 old. Granted it was a great machine for its time, and it’s still very useful today. But it’s no longer a valid competitor in the tablet market.

In an age of ever larger cell phones, many view the 7.9-inch iPad as redundant and useless. While phones thankfully have not gotten that large – at least yet – this device is not that much larger. However, I and many others like me love the form factor of this device. It’s especially useful for what techies’ call “consumption”, which means watching videos, shopping online, Facebook, Twitter, playing games and such. I wouldn’t really call it useful for creative endeavors such as word processing or anything beyond that. For that, you need to go to the next step which is currently called the I-pad. Yes, it’s just called the I-pad, you would think Apple could have come up with a more creative name.

i-pad-miniThe iPad (6th generation 9.7 inch) will be made “new” as well, with a 10-inch screen, a small improvement, and certainly faster inner parts, which will be a larger improvement. The jump from the iPad mini to the iPad means you have enough screen “real estate” to properly get tasks done.  Tasks such as word processing, serious business e-mails, and other common business tasks can be accomplished, as well as creative tasks including editing photos (in the new photoshop soon to arrive for IOS) and many other tasks. You could even make a blog post like this one.

Last year’s iPad was a very good release. It went from toy to useful product, especially with the pencil capability. iPads don’t use a mouse. Instead, they use a “pencil” as your pointer device. Naturally, you can use your fingers too, and the younger you are, the more used to using touch devices you will be. But the pencil is going to be much more accurate and has more capacity for different scenarios. I’m expecting that the new 10-inch iPad will continue to use the first-generation apple pencil and possibly the second generation, and likewise, I’m expecting the 7.9-inch iPad mini to have the same capability.

Both devices should also see the implementation of the smart keyboard. This will be the second game changer. While its true you can get many Bluetooth keyboards for either device right now, they simply will never work as well as the native keyboard that is available on the iPad Pro devices.

I’m looking forward to the March announcement (just guessing here) and what the new models will offer. With all the rumors coming out I’m expecting some more greatness from Apple. The 9.7 inch iPad is the best deal Apple has going. For just $329 you’re getting a solid device that could be a laptop replacement for lower end users and it should last you a few years. Adding a keyboard and the pencil ups the price point and Apple truly needs to keep that part of the bargain lower, however it makes the device several times more useful.

i-pad-pencil-2I’m hoping that Apple decides to make a few more changes for the new (and existing) iPads in its IOS software. I mentioned before that the iPads don’t use a mouse. In use as a stand-alone device, that mouse isn’t needed at all. But suppose you wish to use a second monitor? Then you do need a mouse otherwise that monitor will be useless. Also speaking of a second monitor, Apple needs to up the system so that all the iPads, mini, regular and Pro can utilize a second monitor. Additionally, IOS is a mobile system, but Apple could really adjust some of the software so that on an I-pad you can see the regular desktop versions of websites, as well as allow you to put in plug-ins. For example, I use Grammarly as a plug-in for chrome and I’d be lost without it.

So, all-in-all, I’m excited to see what’s coming up for iPads in the next few months… my laptop is quickly losing its speed and like most PC’s is getting slower and slower as time goes by. I think it’s time for me to ditch the PC and the laptop and move to the future… the tablet future.

Editors note: What does technology have to do with this food blog? Nothing and everything. South Florida Food Adventures covers the local and regional event and restaurant scene as well as food recipes. But we are much more than that. Look forward to more camera reviews (after all how can I get you all those great photos) as well as more technology reviews, because without the tech how would you be reading this!

*Photos courtesy of Apple, because I’m just a poor blogger and I don’t have the budget to buy all that just yet.

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New iPad Mini and the 10.5-inch iPad
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New iPad Mini and the 10.5-inch iPad
The Apple Fan Boy (and girl) rumor mill is working overtime and we can now (almost) be sure that two “new” iPads are coming out.
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South Florida Food Adventures
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