Pizza Rustica Hollywood

lrg_dsc01924 (1)As the Polar vortex is slowly exiting the northern parts of our nation, we are experiencing 70-degree temperatures. So all is well in paradise but in some ways, it is “too-well”. Especially in the case for our animals, specifically cats. Because of our year-round warm temperatures, feral cats are free to reproduce all year long. And they do. Hollywood has a cat overpopulation problem. 

Newly elected Mayor Josh Levy and the Hollywood Commissioners have made many wise decisions, one of which included partnering with non-profit cat rescue groups to form the Hollywood Animal Rescue Team (H.A.R.T). The Mission of H.A.R.T is to educate the public about animals including feral cats and help teach citizens responsible pet ownership. This includes spaying and neutering by the way. 

By now you’re asking what does this have to do with the delicious pizza at Pizza Rustica Hollywood. Good question. It’s not just the city government which has to act, it is the citizens of the city as well. Pizza Rustica Hollywood’s owners are the kind of citizens who want to make positive changes in our community. So at a recent charity event which benefited H.A.R.T., Pizza Rustica donated a $50 gift certificate which was then auctioned off. And guess who won that certificate? We did!

So a few weeks after this event we were able to stop into Pizza Rustica in downtown Hollywood located right on Hollywood Blvd. Pizza Rustica is a chain with multiple locations across 3 states. But you wouldn’t know that. It has that hometown single-owner feel, just like any pizza place you would see in NY. But it is quite different as well.

Pizza Rustica prides itself on its food being so fresh that no freezers are used.

Simply put, fresh food is always going to be better food, and Rustica really ‘delivers’ well. All of their ingredients, including the meat and chicken toppings, are fresh and many ingredients are also organic. This is pizza at a higher level. They also skip trans-fats so your food is actually healthier.

lrg_dsc01926 (1)When you are here it feels very different than your standard pizza place. It’s as though an Italian and a vegan had a kid who became a pizza chef. Inside the restaurant, it is clean and inviting. It’s not a white table restaurant in any way. It’s just a place to get a healthy and really tasty meal, relax for a few minutes while you enjoy, and then go about the rest of your day or evening. 

We really did enjoy our square vegetarian pizza and our eggplant parm sandwich. I’m hoping the next time you are downtown, be it for business, or late night clubbing you can stop in and get great pizza from great citizens who go the extra mile to make this city great. 

For more information on H.A.R.T. or Pooches & Kitties please call the Code Compliance Division at 954.921.3061 or send them an email at I

Location: 1928 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020

Phone: 954 923 3878

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