Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Guys and Girls

240px-Antique_Valentine_1909_01Well, guys, it’s Valentine’s Day once again. A day of romance and commitment to the one you love.

While this holiday is quickly becoming way too commercialized, it can also be a great way to tell the one you love how much you love them. I’ll show you some easy ideas on how you can stand out this Valentine’s Day.

First, some history. Valentine’s Day is one of the worlds oldest holidays. In ancient Rome during the third century, so the story goes, the Roman emperor decided that men who were single made better soldiers, perhaps because they did not think about wives and children back home. So he outlawed marriage for them. But the ever romantic Valentine was a warrior for love and he continued to marry soldiers to their sweethearts. For that, he was killed!

This is just one of many stories of how Valentine’s Day came to be. We may never know the actual origin, but I think this version would make for a good Hallmark Channel love story.

But, back to your love story. So according to Bankrate.com, going all-out on Valentine’s day could run you over 600 Dollars. Maybe that’s your budget too, but for most, that’s a lot of money, so here are some low-cost ways of saying I Love You

  • lrg_dsc02524On a Valentine’s Day card or nice stationary paper write down how much you love your partner and what his/her love means to you.
  • Get some flowers and surprise him/her at their job. If you can’t make it to their job, you can always get them delivered.
  • Bake cookies and top them with strawberry sprinkles.
  • Or if you’re more healthy, skip the cookies, and cut up strawberries and mix them with greek yogurt and surprise your significant other as they come home.
  • I can’t go on about how romantic it would be to cook your partner dinner and complete the set up with candles.
  • Do you remember your first date when you first held hands? Take her back there.
  • Oh yes… and cuddle cuddle cuddle. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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