Clam Chowder Seafood Stew

lrg_dsc02636I love Campbells Manhattan Clam Chowder. It’s one of my staple foods that I go to when it’s cold outside. Colder than 80 degrees is “cold” in South Florida. Campbells Clam Chowder on its own is very good. But it can be so much more…  you can make Campbells Clam Chowder better. It can be transformed into Clam Chowder Seafood Stew with just a few extra ingredients. So with that being said, here is my recipe.

I add just a few simple ingredients…

  • Start with a can of clam chowder. You can use another brand but I prefer Campbells.
  • Next, get a can of salmon, 6oz.
  • And a can of chopped clams, 6oz.
  • Plus 1/4 pound of fresh small scallops
  • And finally, pasta. Lately, I’ve been using vegetable-based pasta, 1/4 cup.
  • You can include spices such as pepper, cumin, curry, and chopped garlic to taste.
  • You do NOT need more salt, as the sodium in the can is already high.

And here is my method of cooking it…

  • lrg_dsc02634Begin by pouring the contents of the soup can into a medium size pot on medium heat, open the cans of salmon and clams and drain, then put them in the same pot. Don’t forget to add the required can of water (as per instructions on the can).
  • Add the scallops and the pasta and stir so that everything is mixed together. Then add the spices.
  • Continue to occasionally stir as the soup comes to a boil.
  • After the soup begins to boil, turn down the stovetop to low and let the soup simmer for another 15 minutes at the least, and longer if you can.
  • Pour into a bowl, serve and enjoy. This recipe should feed two normal people or one very hungry blogger.

Please let me know in the comments how this recipe worked for you and what if any changes you have made. This is a really easy recipe to make and total cooking and prep time should run no more than 45 minutes.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nice idea. I’ve often thought that some canned soups would make a good base for a stew or curry – obviously I wasn’t the only one. You’ve got me thinking now…


    1. Leonard Goffe says:

      It’s easy to make it that way

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Donna says:

    Looks yummy. I like Cambells as well.


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