Hiro Maru Sushi Hollywood – Revisited

lrg_dsc02538It’s Valentine’s Day and my wife and I are in one of our most romantic restaurants. We are back at Hiro Maru Sushi in Hollywood Florida. We’ve been here many times before, even last Valentine’s Day, but this visit has been one of our best.

I’m about to do something I do very rarely; write a second time about a restaurant which I’ve been to before. But to be fair, however, much has changed. The restaurant changed owners about two years ago, and the new owners have brought a sleepy restaurant up to a new standard.

lrg_dsc02532The service and the ‘upscale’ factor have increased dramatically, but fortunately, the prices have not. That means you get even better sushi and more food options in general, all at an affordable (for sushi) price point.

Outside of Valentine’s Day, it is a great date restaurant. With booths that are both secluded and open with dim lighting, the atmosphere enhances the feeling of intimacy and promotes social bonding. They do have tables for larger parties so don’t worry if you bring a group.

Drink options include regular wine, or better yet cold or hot Saki, or Japanese beers including Kirin and many others.  They also have very good ice tea if you are not in a drinking mood or are visiting for the well-priced lunch specials.

lrg_dsc02540Our favorite sushi order is the Kamakazi Roll. It has a generous helping of spicy tuna on top and is paired with a roll on the bottom which features imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese. We love to also order the JB roll which features plain (not spicy) salmon, along with scallions and cream cheese. If these ingredients sound familiar they should be. They are the same ingredients that you’ll have when you go to your favorite bagel shop to get a bagel with salmon on it. 

Our other order of the night was a simple Salmon roll. It is composed of rice and salmon – yes I did say it was simple. And of course, no trip here could be complete without the Miso soup. 

lrg_dsc02536I highly recommend that you get the miso soup along with anything else you get here unless of course, you are planning to get one of their soups such as the beef or chicken udon soup. Udon soup has been served for perhaps thousands of years and can beat out ramen noodle soup any day of the week.

Right now Hiro Maru Sushi is very popular with locals but still just under the rader so with the exception of weekend nights you most likely will not have to wait, and you can get one of their more secluded booths. If you are on date night you’re really going to enjoy it here, and if you are on both date night and sushi night then you will have a spectacular time. Also, you can just come for lunch too.

Location: 3327 Sheridan Street, Hollywood FL 33021 (same shopping center as Shenanigans West and the ATT store)

Phone: 954 987 1388

On the web: https://www.hiromarusushi.com

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Hiro Maru Sushi Hollywood,
3327 Sheridan Street,Hollywood,FL-33021,
Telephone No.954 987 1388
Hiro Maru Sushi Hollywood, Florida is a locally owned sushi restaurant, offering the best sushi in the area at great prices.

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