Cook like a man with a Cast Iron Frypan

Cast Iron SkilletIs cooking really “women’s work”?… No, my brother no. In fact, the overwhelming majority of professional cooks are men. So when you cook in the kitchen or over the open flame you are in good company. 

The late Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver, “Bobby” Flay, Martin Yan, and many more men all show how the kitchen can be a very masculine place. Come on, what guy doesn’t like playing with large sharp knives? But you can take it a bit further.

You can cook like a man with a Cast Iron Frypan. The kind that went along with the pioneers who went across the plains, the cowboys who traveled thousands of miles and those who live in our last frontier, Alaska.

Cast Iron Frypans need very different care than your current non-stick or even steel/aluminum pans. They need to be seasoned and oiled before their first use, and you never want to put anything in them while they are cold. Also, never put them in the dishwasher. But properly maintained, Cast Iron Frypans can last a lifetime. 

Our featured Cast Iron Frypan is made in the USA (hooray for that!) and might be the only cooking pan you’ll need if you are out in the wild, like when you are camping or perhaps after the zombie apocalypse. But even if you live in a boring subdivision and binge-watch “The Walking Dead” on your couch, it will be one of your go-to cooking appliances. It will also be heavy enough to knock out zombies, just sayin’.

This Frying Pan is seasoned with 100% vegetable oil and it also comes with a Silicone Hot handle holder, in case you can’t handle the heat.

Get yours now on Amazon and start your manly adventure today.

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  1. lol! I don’t think I’ve EVER read a review for a kitchen product that involved Zombies before… Ever! How do they suggest you clean the gore off before you cook your re-fried beans?


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