Apple to release more stuff, I think…

img_9625So Monday, March 25th will bring us a new Apple event and invitations have gone out to the press (with the exception of SFFA). It’s called the Apple Special Event. Or the Apple March 25th event. Or the way too long clapping event.

As their hardware sales have been declining, one because they are so good that consumers are holding on to devices longer, and two, because they charge a bit too much for new devices, Apple is cleverly getting consumers to part with their money by using subscriptions.

One such way is the iCloud service with serves as a backup of your phone, tablet or laptop, or a combination of them, but Apple also reportedly will offer even more subscription services including a news service that will let you go to multiple mainstream newspapers and magazines, as well as an expansion of its own streaming TV service.

Apple on saleTo be honest, I have enough TV from our cable provider. Yes, call me ‘old school’ as much as you want, but it’s enough TV for me. Netflix might still be the better deal too. But I really do like the idea of getting multiple magazines that hide behind paywalls right now. Increasingly as I’m on my Flipboard, I’m running into a lot of blocked paywall sites.

The two (to me) most important events from Apple March 25 announcement will be software and hardware. IOS 12.2 is likely to be released. I and millions of others truly want to see an expanded file system inside IOS. If I can download something online on my PC, or MacBook Air (buy on Amazon), there should be no reason why I can’t do the same on a tablet running IOS.

Speaking of tablets…

Just about every source is saying an updated version of the 9.7 entry level iPad will be introduced as well as a long overdue update for the ‘mini-iPad”. We should definitely see higher specs, i.e. a faster device and likely will see fewer bezels, and possibly will see smart keyboards. While they may not be introduced at the Apple March 25 event, they will be introduced either just before or just after.

By the way, the current generation iPad is on an amazing sale for just $250. If you were thinking of getting one, these prices are the best you can get, and rival black Friday. If you just want a low price iPad that works, now is the time. Shop here on Amazon.

I’ll be waiting to see what happens on the 25th.

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