The One Mistake You Make With Wine

lrg_dsc02542Most people love wine, they love the process of smelling wine like a fragrance, enjoying wine and creating their own wine collection. They love wine tasting too. I know we do. 

But those same people, after visiting their favorite wine store, or getting wine on-line make one critical mistake which changes the flavor of the wine they loved so much. So what is that error? It’s the refrigerator. And it’s also the closet.

Don’t put your wine in the refrigerator or your closet.

Why? Centuries of winemaking in Europe and beyond have designed wine that should be stored at a certain temperature. In Europe, this is not a problem as most people have cellars which give a constant low temperature. But in the USA many people do not have the proper cellar for wine and they tend to store it in the refrigerator or the closet. Both of those are a ‘no-no’. 

You need a wine cooler.


The proper temperature for red wine is about 62-68 degrees, while for white wine its 49-55 degrees. Meanwhile, your average refrigerator has a temperature in the low 40’s. That’s good for your food because you don’t want it to spoil, but bad for your wines. The different (wrong) temperature can ruin the taste of the wines you worked so hard to curate.

That’s why we recommend a simple wine cooler. The Electro Boss 18 Bottle Thermoelectric is a wine cooler that looks elegant in black, is super quiet and at $179.30 (it’s on sale for over 30% off) it won’t break the bank either. Did we mention Amazon will ship it to you free?

Update! Make that $157.00!

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The One Mistake You Make With Wine
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The One Mistake You Make With Wine
You are making one critical mistake which changes the flavor of the wine you love. So what is that error? It's the refrigerator. And it's also the closet.
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South Florida Food Adventures
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3 Replies to “The One Mistake You Make With Wine

  1. Interesting post and food for thought. I really hate red wine served at room temperature and I’ve been saying for years that ‘room temperature’ is too warm in our modern age.

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