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lrg_dsc03453Food for historians and everyone else… On a Sunday evening, a few friends gather for a meal at The Foundry in Pompano Beach. Inside you are treated to a history lesson that they can’t teach in school. From the actual brick wall sourced by the Illinois Brick Company with signed bricks to the ceiling with reclaimed wood from a Kentucky tobacco barn and so much more, the astute amateur historian will fall in love with the atmosphere here.

But there is much more…

lrg_dsc03446Featuring two bars, a reputation for fine wine, fresh seafood and an encompassing but not overwhelming menu, both foodies and their historian friends will have a happy time here. The workers who built the skylines of our cities over one hundred years ago left a legacy, not just of the buildings themselves, but of the pride taken in one’s work. The chef’s and owners of The Foundry take that same pride in their work.

Between the five of us, our dinners could not have been any different. A simple Ceasar salad for one, a chicken sandwich with olive tapenade and an Italian sesame bun for another, a lobster and crab ravioli with asparagus in a lemon butter sauce for the guest of honor, and ceviche for me.

lrg_dsc03449I’d have to recommend the lobster and crab ravioli as a must try dish, it was warm and hearty, a seafood delight inside Italian deliciousness. If you want something a bit lighter try the ceviche served with fried plantain chips. I would be remiss to not mention the selection of slow-braised short ribs and the sautèed shrimp. They have an interesting desert featuring coffee and donuts.

It’s our first time here, but I can tell that this is a very popular restaurant. It would be a great date place or family outing, or a place to find that date at one of the two bars. Service was great and the parking was very easy.

Location: 2781 E Atlantic Blvd. Pompano Beach, FL 33062

Phone: 754. 205. 6977

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The Foundry Pompano Beach,
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Food for historians and everyone else.

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