Flanigan’s Seafood And Bar

82b49a6d-be6b-4626-ac9c-4be915d038d5So “winter” has arrived in South Florida, and that means at least two things will happen. One, my mother-in-law will stay in town for the next few months and two, we’ll all go to Flanigan’s. Sadly it won’t snow. With 23 South Florida area locations, Flanigan’s is hard to overlook, and I think I am missing out by not going more often.

The restaurant is well known by locals and visitors alike for the amazing seafood appetizers and dishes, as well as being a great sports bar. But it’s a very different type of restaurant because it has both local history and a very south Florida old school fishing and sportsman vibe. Inside the nautically inspired interior, you could easily think that Hemmingway could have been here last night. 

lrg_dsc02413On first arrival my advise is to order a drink. With their happy hour specials, their drinks are cheap “AF”. I really don’t want to use vulgarity, but seriously their drinks are super well priced. They have Bacardi specials starting at just $2.99. As one should never drink on an empty stomach, you can quickly move forward on their appetizers. May I suggest the steamer clams? They are seriously fresh and made just right. 

I have yet to be here for lunch, but their dinners are superb, from the full rack of BBQ Ribs to the more light fare of healthy salads there is something here for everyone. On this visit, I had the Salmon with ‘dirty’ rice entre. It was absolutely amazing, and I encourage you to have it. We also had a salad with Ahi Tuna as the ‘protein.’ It too was wonderful.  lrg_dsc02411

Be aware that because of the popularity, you’ll probably have to wait, though that wait can be more fun by waiting at the bar. You could also call ahead to get reservations. I can’t wait till I return perhaps for lunch, or maybe just to sit at the bar and watch an MMA fight. Location: 9516 Harding Ave, Surfside, FL 33154 (and 22 other locations) On the web: https://www.flanigans.net/

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