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Two Buddhas at Crystal VisionSouth Florida is home to many different belief systems and major and minor religions. One such religion, if one can define it that way, which has been around for perhaps longer than most major religions, is the idea of psychics, including tarot readers, fortune tellers and the like.

Crystal Vision in Hollywood is a ‘new age’ learning center. In addition to their store featuring metaphysical goods, stones, books, and other items, they have a once a month psychic festival. This popular event brings the hopefull, the curious, and the believers to be guided by practitioners in the “psychic arts”. An estimated 25% of Americans believe that there are those who can foretell or see into the future. While there is zero scientific evidence to substantiate this belief, those who do follow it claim it works. At the very least it helps them in their life journies and gives them direction.

Indian Buddha with sword at Cyrstal VisionIf you have a belief in tarot readers, card readers and the like, or would just like to see what it is all about, Crystal Vision in Hollywood is one of the better places to go. They have repeat practitioners who are very popular in the community and a large following. Even if you don’t believe in psychics, they have a lot of interesting home decor items which will help bring peace and tranquility to your home.

They also feature workshops in yoga, reiki, massages, abundance, cleansing, and astrology.

Location: 3160 Stirling Rd. Hollywood, FL 33021

Phone: 954-981-4992

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psychic and new age shop and learning center
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Get guidance from the beyond and crystals to brighten up your home. at Crystal Vision in Hollywood, Florida