Tap 42 Hamburger Monday

lrg_dsc02616Long before anyone has heard about this blog, Tap 42 has been having its Monday burger night. While it used to be more encompassing, Monday 1/2 price burger night is still a great deal at a fantastic bar.

On almost every Monday night, and just about every other night of the week Tap 42’s location in Fort Lauderdale is filled with after work relaxers, groups of friends, and singles ready to meet mr/ms right. It’s a popular bar/restaurant which has done everything so well, that it has expanded to 5 locations and has recently opened a new Mexican food restaurant next to the Fort Lauderdale location. I’ll hopefully get to review that very soon.

lrg_dsc02615I’m not sure which location was the first, although I believe it to be the Fort Lauderdale location. The name most likely comes from the wall with — you guessed it — 42 taps. The huge bar sports a seemingly endless supply of craft beer which would be the envy of any hipster from Portland Oregon. So if craft beer is your thing, then you can just show up for that. If beer, regular or craft is not your thing, they also have a craft cocktail menu. Featuring Whisky, Rye and Scotch, their craft drinks, in my humble opinion far exceed any beer offering available. Sorry but not sorry. 

lrg_dsc02621The half price “prohibition burgers” are fantastic. Cooked to order and available with applewood bacon and white cheddar, along with their amazing fries, these are connoisseur level burgers. Any day of the week would be a great day to have one, but especially on a Monday, because you know, its half-price. The Monday special also includes an offering for the non-meat eaters. The available half-price veggie burger is a great substitution for the prohibition burger and really does satisfy.

If you work, live or play in downtown Fort Lauderdale I’m sure you’ve been here before. If not, this is a great happy hour to visit. Speaking of which they have a happy hour on weekdays from 4-7pm and an extra happy hour after 10pm for those of us on the late shift or who are planning on calling in sick. Wednesdays has a lady’s night from 8-10 pm.  

Location: 1411 S Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Phone: 954 463 4900

On the web: https://tap42.com/

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