Festival Flea Market Food Court

LRG_DSC02684Any “real” Floridian knows about the Festival Flea Market. It’s one of the few remaining quality flea markets left in the South Florida Area.

Located in Pompano, the Festival Flea Market has great hours and is open every day. And you can find just about every kind of shopper including those who just come to eat.

Why would you come here just to eat? I mean they give you the Festivalue Dollars as a great incentive to start your shopping. Because the food here is something else. The best way to describe the food court is to pretend an alien came by and zapped a few traditional New York stores and randomly placed them in Pompano in a Flea Market.

LRG_DSC02687But enough about aliens, in reality, the food here matches what is on sale in the rest of the mall, meaning it’s very reasonably priced. But beyond that, it is so good. I love their deli food stores. They have real knishes here, the kind that you would get as a “street food” in Manhattan. Plus pastrami and other not so exotic, but still exotic to South Florida foods. All served relatively quickly. The Chinese food stall is wonderful as well. There are a few other food kiosks spread out along the many passways, including one for all kosher cookies and cakes. 

So yes you can get almost anything here cheaply, but the real bargains are the food. 

LRG_DSC02683Aside from the food, the mall is doing everything right. They have the Festival Flea Market Antique Mall, which could be a destination by itself. In it, you’ll find a large variety of goods, mostly in very good condition, ranging from furniture to jewelry and everything in between. The Festival Flea Market Car Show is also a must-see event, and the expanded antique show held on the third Saturday of every month is another reason to visit. 

LRG_DSC02685So if you live in the area, The Festival Flea Market Food Court is a great place just to stop by and get some lunch. If you live further away, make plans with the family and be sure to pick up your festival dollars before you start shopping.

Address: 2900 West Sample Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33073

Hours: Mon.- Fri. 9:30am – 5:30pm – Sat. & Sun 10:00am – 6pm

Phone: 954-979-4555

On the Web: https://www.shopfestival.com/

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