A night of serenading

A random Saturday evening finds me and my wife to be at Patron Azteca Mexican Restaurant in Hollywood Florida for a romantic dinner for two. Though I often find Mexican food to be a bit heavy, it’s something I can’t resist, and apparently neither can she.  Patron is located at 5181 Sheridan St. Hollywood, FL 33021.

I love tequila, and who doesn’t love patron, and I hope to gain knowledge of it like I understand scotch and whiskey. But tonight I don’t want to get to crazy so I’m just sticking to the sangria, which I suspect has some tequila in it. Portions here are large and together with the chips and salsa, Laura and I decide to get one dinner sized dish.

Not exactly sure of what to do, our waiter recommended what amounted to larger size chicken taquitos. They turned out not to be to heavy and with a portion size that was just right for the both of us. Combined with the sangria the dish could have made our night…

Could have I say,  but the Mariachi Band really took it to the next level. I felt as though I was back in Mexico, or at least Southern California, which is Mexico anyway. They were true and authentic.

The bar was a bit empty for a Saturday night, but the restaurant itself had plenty of customers, but service was still good, and wait staff was attentive.

Tell all your amigos to “vamanos” on over and enjoy… next time I’m going for the tequila.

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