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lrg_dsc02553Ala Turca Mediterian Cuisine has been in Hollywood for over five years now and yet somehow they seem to be just under the radar. But not anymore. Located on the Southwest side of Young Circle, the restaurant is an upscale culinary delight.

On a recent visit for a work gathering, we were treated to a dinner that the editors from “Eat, Pray, Love” could only dream of. From the appetizers to the main course and onto the desert our party of 8 was treated to delectable deliciousness which enabled us to carry on our conversations long into the night.

lrg_dsc02556When you come here, and you should, know that this is a place where you can take your time and have the type of conversations sorely missing from a normal dinner. I mean the type of conversations that make you forget to check your update status on Twitter or FaceBook.

My recommendation is to start out with the appetizers including the fried Calamari and the hummus. It’s a great way to begin the night and then move up to their kebabs such as the doner kebab which is a mix of lamb and beef served over rice with grilled tomatoes. I also highly recommend the chicken kebobs and you can not miss the fresh baklava for dessert. The wine selection here is wide-ranging too.

Downtown Hollywood Florida has many great restaurants that are often overlooked, so the next time you visit Hollywood, take a walk away from Hollywood Blvd. and explore all of the city.

Location: 1848 Harrison St, Hollywood, FL 33020

Phone: 954 925 5200

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Ala Turca Mediterian ,
1848 Harrison St,Hollywood,FL-33020,
Telephone No.954 925 5200
Ala Turca Mediterian Cuisine in Hollywood Florida is a premier restaurant for Mediterranean style food.

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