Ocean 1 Bar and Grill and L’Acqua in Delray Beach Florida

Here we are in Delray Beach Florida with far-flung friends who will be taking a cruise tomorrow.  We are sharing their last “land dinner” before departure. And that brings us to Ocean 1 Bar and Grill.

Steak at Ocean 1 Bar and GrillSituated at the far east end of the Atlantic Avenue strip inside a shopping center, which by the way has free parking, Ocean 1 Bar and Grill is a very unique restaurant for the area. It celebrates lower prices along with good food. Lunchtime specials are simply insane with full meals starting at just $5. Dinner time specials are just as good, with very low price meals, but even better are the $10 3 for 1 (yes I said 3 for 1) drink specials.

So, I could have had 3 Mojitos for just 10 dollars which is unheard of in Delray Beach. In fact, I think I would have to travel all the way to Cuba to find a better deal. Perhaps when the Castro government is out of power and freedom becomes the law of the land instead. In the meantime… for steak lovers, their Filet Mignon looked fantastic. Served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Broccolini and Onion Rings, this is a seriously good deal at $19.99. I had the Blackened Salmon Sandwich, which I ordered grilled, with a side of fries. I would certainly recommend this restaurant for anyone on a budget, and even anyone who is not. The food did not disappoint.

A DJ played a combination of Latin Music and oldies through the night. And then we had to bid our friends a farewell.

Our next stop, on the western end of Atlantic Avenue, was the bar at L’Acqua. Bar manager Michelle made our visit fantastic. Already a high-end establishment, her great service made our visit all the much better. Since we had already eaten, which is too bad because their food looked awesome, we simply ordered two drinks. Fortunately, I did not over indulge on the aforementioned Mojitos. Here I had a very well made ‘old fashioned’. An old fashioned is a cocktail with bourbon or whiskey, which has bitters, a small amount of sugar, and fruit such as an orange. My wife had a glass of wine and we were all set for the evening.

L’Acqua is also to be the Home of Deco Drive Cigars, which will be an upscale cigar and wine lounge. We can’t wait to visit. Cigar bars are definitely an “in” thing for us. It’s wonderful to enjoy the aroma of a fine cigar and enjoy a good drink at the same time. Apologies to my doctor, but I otherwise live a healthy lifestyle. We’ll be waiting for that grand opening and then return.

We are also hoping to do a hotel review on the historic Colony Hotel soon, so stay tuned.

Ocean 1 Bar 

Location: 777 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Phone: (561) 270-7373

On the Web: http://www.oceanonefl.com/


Location: 110 E Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33444

Phone: 561.563.7492

On the Web: https://www.lacquaristoranteitaliano.com/

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Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach Florida is home to many restaurants and bars. We visited two of them. Oceans 1 Bar and Grill and L'acqua.
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