Miller’s Ale House

It’s sort of a mystery to me exactly what the Miller’s Ale House (formally known as the Hollywood Ale House) is supposed to be. I would think an “ale house” would feature and promote a wide variety of unique or at least craft beers. Sort of like Tap 42 located in Fort Lauderdale does so very well. But Miller’s ale house features your basic bar beers, albeit a large selection, but regular bar beers none the less.

As a sports bar I could imagine the potential, since big screen TV’s, especially in the bar area are more common than seniors at the bingo hall. I’m sure they are packed on game day. But this is not a game day… It does seem to be a good gathering place however.

Next to me and my soon to be bride two roofers are planning their business strategy, while in back of us a few Hollywood officers are enjoying their lunch break together. Yes they get lunch breaks too, and deserve it.

While choices here are plentiful, I think their chef(s) could step it up a few notches. Everything I have had so far seems to be processed in Idaho and then simply re-warmed in the back. It’s definitely not horrible, but I do think they could do a lot better.

My choice here was the lower calorie baked (?) salmon with a side of rice. Again not bad, but it could be a lot better, my bride to be had the veggie burger which again was frozen at its most recent point in life.

I think though that as long as it tries to be all things to all people, it will not be much to any particular person… But that being said I’ll definitely come back. It’s local, the service is good, and it’s just easy to be in. And sometimes easy is all you need.  Stop in and enjoy.

Miller’s ale house is located in the Oakwood plaza shopping center, just south of the Home Depot.

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