Milwaukee Third Ward

lrg_dsc01883A quick trip to Milwaukee Wisconsin brings us back to the Third Ward. If you view Milwaukee as a dried up post-industrial city you would be right, if you were around maybe 20 years ago. 

The City has come back in a big way!

These days the revival is more than complete and growing. The craft scene, returning industries, and high-tech jobs make this city a growing center of prosperity. Industry, hard hit by corporations pimping jobs for pennies, has remained and grown since the bottom hit a few decades ago.

The revival of the city has been fantastic.

lrg_dsc01884In the meantime hipsters, tech nerds, and people who are sick of suburban living have returned to the downtown, and are colonizing places which were never residential in the first place.

Forget Chicago, this is cheaper and hipper.

Milwaukee is one of the finest examples of urban renewal and its only getting better. One of the first places to visit in the city center is called The “Third Ward.” The heart of the third ward, in my opinion, is an amazing Farmers Market located in what is called the Milwaukee Public Market. With about 100 vendors you can find any food you are looking for both to take home or to eat right in-house. It’s extremely popular and is a must see on your visit. If you already live in the area and you haven’t visited yet, you have no excuse. Go there now!

lrg_dsc01887Across the street is the Cafe Benelux which features the “best of Lowland Europe and Milwaukee.” Sporting over 30 taps of specialty beer, they also offer the best Bloody Mary in all of Milwaukee. Of course, that debate is somewhat like “Famous Ray’s Pizza” in New York, as everyone in Milwaukee has the “best bloody mary.” But yea, this bloody mary was really good. I’d recommend one, or several.

Cafe Benelux is a stop on the new “Hop” transit line in downtown Milwaukee. Though it has many detractors, I’m looking forward to how this mass transit will change the character of the city for the better. In the meantime, I can’t wait to return.

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Milwaukee Third Ward
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Milwaukee Third Ward
In a renewed Milwaukee Wisconsin, the craft scene, returning industries, and high-tech jobs make this city a growing center of prosperity.
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South Florida Food Adventures
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