Circ Hotel and Olivia Restaurant

lrg_dsc01615As my wife would say, South Beach has finally come to Hollywood. The Circ Hotel is definitely bringing a high class ‘South Beach” vibe to the circle in downtown Hollywood Florida.

With a hotel, two amazing bars and a restaurant that I’ll talk about in just a minute, the Circ Hotel and Apartments is a large complex that is the “jewel” of the Hollywood downtown. It’s so large that it even is home to a Publix supermarket on the lower level.

lrg_dsc02193To say the hotel complex is luxurious is an understatement. Entering its grand lobby you no longer feel you are in Hollywood; indeed you have been transported into a much higher-end place.

But now to the fun part. As I’ve stated elsewhere in this blog, I love hotel bars because you get a very different vibe. With both travellers and locals mixing, conversations become that much more interesting. And of course, the standards and the mixology make it that much more worthwhile.

This is a whole new Hollywood…

I’ve been here twice, first on my birthday and more recently, just this past New Year’s weekend. While I have yet to actually stay in the hotel, and to be fair I live less than 5 minutes away, the restaurant and bar called Olivia is my main attraction.

e6457e6f-a7a7-4a70-8861-1103221e5d7cInside, the modern and sleek decor is matched perfectly with ample but dim lighting. At the restaurant, they even bring coat hangers for the ladies to hang their bags. I suppose men with “man bags” could use that as well. Its a well thought out extra luxury. And that’s just one of their many wise decisions in their way of maximizing the customer experience. Oliva is actually quite a large restaurant with a staff that is ready to please and is very attentive. Be aware that food is cooked to order so be patient. You’ll be very glad you did.

Yeah, it’s that good.

lrg_dsc01625I love the seafood and pasta dishes. This is the second time I’ve been here and both times I’ve had the same linguini with seafood plate, the Linguini Mare. Yeah, it’s that good. My wife kept it much more simple with Capellini Pomodoro. It too was perfect in every way, except that we did add in Calamata Olives. They also have a Mozzarella bar too, and maybe next time I’ll try that. The Italian themed menu is sure to delight and pricing is very modest for what you are getting. I would, however, recommend getting a reservation if you are going to be there on a weekend night. The valet parking is a very reasonable $5 too, another added value.

lrg_dsc01613At the stunning bar, their drinks are second to none. On my previous visit, I had a perfectly made Moscow Mule and my wife had their house Pino Noir. I would love to make it here for a happy hour, or perhaps just sit and enjoy the vibe while writing. I have yet to visit the upstairs rooftop bar. More on that in an update to come.

If you haven’t been here yet. now is a great time to take a look at what has come to Hollywood and enjoy the new standard. If you’ve been here before then come back. And to all of my tourist friends. this is THE hotel that you should look into if you are going to stay in Hollywood.

Location: 1780 Polk St., Hollywood, FL 33020

Phone: 877.797.0520  –  954.500.1780


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Olivia Restaurant,
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South Beach has finally come to Hollywood. The Circ Hotel and Olivia Restaurant are definitely bringing a high class 'South Beach" vibe to the circle in downtown Hollywood Florida.

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