Sushi time at Quarterdeck in Dania Beach Florida

lrg_dsc02493I’ve wanted to go fishing off the pier in Dania Beach for quite some time now. Of course not having any fishing equipment, or knowledge of how to use fishing equipment is keeping me from that goal. But why should I let a lack of knowledge about how to catch fish keep me from eating fish, especially sushi. And that brings us to Quarterdeck’s sushi offerings.

Quarterdeck is a small local chain of restaurants, today I’ll be writing about the Quarterdeck located on the Dania Beach fishing pier. With a home base here in South Florida you should not be surprised that they serve fresh fish here. What might be surprising, is that they also serve sushi here, at least at the Dania Beach location.

lrg_dsc02483The popularity of Quarterdeck in Dania Beach is evidence of its greatness. In fact, I would venture to say that this particular location should be included on any top 10 “Visit South Florida” type articles. The view is simply spectacular from almost any location inside the restaurant. The raw beauty of our ocean waves is one of the things that makes South Florida worthwhile. By the way, having dinner here as the sun is setting would be an ideal Valentines Day romantic outing.

Our visit was on a sunny Saturday afternoon as the light winds were blowing over a beach which was crowded with sunbathers, swimmers, and surfers. These type of views at any restaurant would be a good reason to visit.

The views at Quarterdeck in Dania Beach are great, but the real reason to visit here is for the amazing food.

lrg_dsc02485So yeah, the view is nice, but the real reason to visit here is for the amazing food. I’ve been to this same location a few times. I’ve seen the solar eclipse from the deck and have done some ‘day-drinking’ at the outside bar. But this is the first time I’ve had the sushi. The sushi here is a view to itself. It bests any of our many Japanese restaurants in the area and is very reasonably priced. Especially during the afternoon. As you can see, I and my wife both had the lunch special bento boxes. Offered with Miso soup or a salad this is a right-sized meal, not too large and not too small. By the way, yes they do have bento boxes in Japan. I’m going to highly recommend bento boxes for those daytime visits.

Actually, there are many other great dishes here too, for dinner time my favorite is the shrimp scampi and the balsamic chicken breast salad for when I’m in a “lower my calories” mood. You also can’t go wrong with their wine list or full-service bar. They do have drink specials as well. So ordering drinks is easy and you’ll get a good deal. I’ve yet to come here for happy hour but I’m sure it rocks. 

After (or perhaps before) the meal be sure to take a walk on the fishing pier. It’s great to be able to walk over one of the best beaches on the planet. Enjoy the view, and if you’re up to it, grab your fishing gear and catch some fish. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Location: 300 N Beach Rd., Dania Beach, FL 33004

Phone: 954 929 1400

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Quarterdeck in Dania Beach,
300 N Beach Rd.,Dania Beach,FL-33004,
Telephone No.954 929 1400
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Quarterdeck is located on the Dania Beach fishing pier. They serve fresh fish and sushi. They also have a large bar. Go fishing first, and eat here second.

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