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What could be more fun than a bring your own art night? A “Bring your own wine and learn how to do art night!” And that is exactly what I did this past Saturday Night.
Started by Columbian born artist Elsa Victorios, Victorios Art Studio located in Fort Lauderdale is a place for the serious and novice alike. On a Saturday date night myself, fiancée Laura and Laura’s BFF, whose name is also Laura found ourselves in one of their very popular bring your own “beverage” and learn to paint classes. 

Our teacher (should I say professor?) was perhaps one of the most patient artists I have ever met. Step by step he taught us how to produce a masterpiece perspective street scene. Literally one line at a time and one brush stroke at a time.  Armed with wine, a few snacks and our wits, we set out, each one of us in the class of 20 to become new Michelangelos. 

The night was very jovial and led to conversations of all kinds. You know an art class is going well, when verbal support for ninjas are given and received. At the end of the class we were able to take home our masterpieces. We were not attacked by any ninjas by the way. 

The studio hosts BYOB Art parties, birthday parties, and classes for more serious students as well as children and teenagers. On their website they have serious discounted prices. Within reason it’s not about the money for them, it’s about the results. And that is really proof of Ms. Victorios’ passion. 

The studio is located at 934 North Victoria Park Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, or visit their very well done website

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