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“Next year we shall be in Jerusalem.” If you’re Jewish, or have an affinity with or towards the Jewish people you will know the meaning of those words spoken every Passover. Leaving behind the many other aspects of Jerusalem and its sister city Tel Aviv, one of the things they are quickly being known for is for being a ‘foodie’ paradise. A trip to Jerusalem however is a bit long for me right now. But fortunately Mozart Café of Hollywood is just a bit closer.
Mozart’s is a 100% kosher restaurant. If you can’t fit this food inside your kosher diet, you might as well just give it up. That’s just one reason why it is so popular with the residents of the Emerald Hills area of Hollywood, which has a very devout Jewish community.
Located right on Sterling Road, the restaurant might be easy to miss, but once you know where it is, you’ll never forget it. They are open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner until 2am every day except for “Shabbat” which is from sundown on Friday night to Sundown on Saturday night.
The food here is simply amazing. In my younger days I associated the term ‘Kosher’ with uninteresting and boring food. Here however it is quite the opposite.
I’ve been here with my co-partner in life Laura, and we’ve had breakfast and dinner. Their breakfast portions are quite large and could fill up a person so much that they might not miss lunch. It would be the perfect thing for those who get lost in a dessert for say 40 years. One of my favorite (breakfast) dishes is the Mediterranean Shakshuka, which has its own unique sauce, with roasted eggplant and feta and olives. This Israeli origin dish is sure to please.
They also have a large selection of Sandwiches and Panini’s. I was able to sample the spicy tuna Panini’s, which was made with regular tuna (not sushi tuna), peppers, coriander and a spicy tomato paste, black olives were added of course. On the side we shared a smoothie.
If you are not in the mood for sandwiches or eggs, you can always go for the kosher sushi. They have a large selection as you can see in the photos. Laura and my favorite selections include the spicy tuna, which could be just a tad spicier, the JB roll, and a salmon lover’s roll. You can check out their extensive menu on line at or just stop on in.
Be warned the service here is not quick, and inside with children it can get a bit louder than you might desire. But it’s worth it anyway. If you’re in a rush go to MacDonald’s, if you want to actually enjoy your food, and relax with loved ones then you need to come here. If you live a kosher lifestyle and haven’t been here yet, then this will certainly be your new second home. They are located at 4433 Stirling Road in Dania, FL, 33314.
Side note: I’ve been experimenting in Photoshop with “vintage film” borders for my photos. Let me know what you think about that on these photos.

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