Everything Wrong with the iPad Air 2019 7th Generation & iPad Mini 5

img_9676So Apple has finally updated the “entry-level” iPad and the iPad Mini 5. What they did is a complete disappointment, at least to me. 

First the New iPad… It’s clearly no longer “entry level”. At a starting point of $499, Apple has taken an entry-level product and made it into a premium product. Of course, it’s not just the $499 for the device, it’s also the $159 for the keyboard, which still doesn’t have function keys and another $99 for the 1st generation pencil. I’m not a fan yet, but if it’s right for you, pre-order now on Amazon.

Apple should have bundled it all together.

Do you really need an apple pencil if you’re not an “artist”? Yes, you do. There is much debate between a pencil or a mouse. I could go for either instrument but one of them is needed because you do need a pointing device for many tasks, such as when you write articles for blogs among other things. Obviously, you need a keyboard as well. So out the door on the Apple website, you are at $757 for the lowest tier model. 

At $757 you are in ultrabook territory and could get a regular computer.

grey-surface-2.jpgNow to put that in perspective, as I write this article you can buy a 12-inch Microsoft surface with much higher memory and 128 GB as opposed to 64 GB for just $877, $777 (buy on Amazon) and that includes the keyboard with the trackpad (the pointing device). The pen will cost you more, but you don’t need it, and a mouse for a PC is cheap, also, there is no mouse option for any Apple iPad.

To me this is a far better deal, you’re still getting a premium device, and it will have far more usability. You could use that Surface as your only computer while many would not be able to say the same for the iPad. Buy surface on Amazon

Technically the new iPad Air 10.5 is not that much different than the older 10.5 iPad Pro, except, of course, it has the updated chip. The A12 Bionic chip is the same chip as used in the iPhone Xr. It’s certainly a super powerful chip and it will get the job done. It also has a “true-tone” display which will make a difference if you need to edit photos or are super fussy about your screen, but the regular iPad screen is still almost as awesome, and most of us will not be able to tell the difference – artists and photographers excluded. But once again the cost, and I mean the total cost for useable features is way too high at $757.

The best Apple device is still the 9.7 inch iPad.

img_9678The best bet is still the 9.7 inch iPad 6th generation which is a bargain at 249.99. Buy on Amazon. And for most people, this would be the ideal second device for browsing the web, reading and responding to e-mails, occasionally writing documents, doing light photo and video edits, watching you-tube videos or reading this fine blog which you should subscribe to. It’s the machine I would buy right now. The only issue is that as great as it is, you’re now buying a year old (technology wise) device.

But the iPad Mini5 might be just right for you.

img_9677We’ve waited about 3 years for the new iPad Mini 5. On this device, I have to say Apple got it right. It’s a consumption device (meaning you most likely won’t create anything with it) and it is in the “just right” size for a tablet. Its a better machine at the same current price and I think that for many people this will be a fantastic premium tablet. Pre-order here on Amazon.

By the way, you’ll notice I’m not too technical on Apple devices. If you want real usability, keep reading with me. If you want tech specs and benchmarks, there are plenty of other sites for that.

*images courtesy of Apple & Microsoft.


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